A Graduation Poem for our Cherrywood Smarties

Russell, from our Cherrywood team, wrote a special graduation poem about the children in the Smarties Class of 2017. It has been a delight getting to know each and every one of them. Thank You for all the memories.

And so another year has ended
Our graduates head off to school
Thank you for all the memories
You’ve let us act the fool

Sylvester you are off to school
It’s really been a pleasure
You and Michael have a lovely bond
He’ll really miss you fella

Ben you really love your books
We especially love all your tales
The way you can just talk and talk
You could have a job in sales

Conor good luck with all your sport
You are very quick with a ball
Your love for sport is undeniable
I believe Tipperary Rule??

Marifer, you’re such a doll
So sweet and so polite
It’s a pleasure in the mornings
To see a face so bright

Sean you joined us late in the year
You once asked about my tattoos
I believe your exact words to me were
When you have another one can I come too?

Richard you are a ball of fun
And someone who likes his sleep
And your love for ninja turtles
We almost sing the song in our sleep

Naoise, well, she can’t sit still
We’d need glue to hold her down
But preferably when she isn’t wearing
Her favourite princess gown

Then there’s Sam from Eden Gate
He loves his football and his sport
The only skill we haven’t seen yet
Are those on the tennis court

Jasmine likes to dance and sing
She likes dancing in the mirror
She’ll be on the tv sometime soon
I’ll be surprised if you don’t see her

Isabella she’s from Italy
She loves to be outside
Nature Kindergarten is her favourite place
Where she can run and hide

Jake, non, rhere’s another talker
It starts from the moment he arrives
Superheroes, ninja turtles
We know everything about their lives!

Jonah, he can be quiet and shy
But I think this is a trick
When he’s outside playing football
He has got a good old kick.

Duarte joined us all from Portugal
And plays a good old game
But he has a good old trick
He knows all the letters of his name

Nicole has really come along
She’s no longer the quiet one
When we stick on music in the morning
She’s all about the fun

Pearl, now, what can we say
She likes to tell me what to do!
She loves to be the boss round here
I’d be afraid if I were you!

Emilie is a big fan of Trolls
She knows every single word
And I’m sure if you were in Bunnies
She could definitely be heard

Lily, now, there’s a live wire
She’s a big ball of fun
If you wound her up and let her go
She’d certainly reach the sun

Jamilie. Now she’s from Brazil
With the best hair I’ve ever seen
But if you cross her when she’s hungry
She can be really mean

Alvaro. Now where do I start?
He’s been with us since December
He’s made an impact on staff and kids
He’s someone to remember!!

Jovana our resident artist
She’s a great addition to the team
But wait, we’ve been saying her name wrong
It’s jovana it would seem

Hector. Now there’s a guy
He’s good at music and he’s friendly
He also has a secret weapon
He can play the ukulele

There’s also me, I’m sure you know
Your children tell me stuff about you
I’ve got some incriminating stories
You can pay me in a day or two!

And now I’d like to say just this
We wish you all the best
It’s been a ball, we’ve had some fun
Now before school have a rest

Your children are a credit to you
We are quite fond of them it would seem
So one last word must be said
Goodbye from me and all the team.

Written by Russell Wilbourne, June 2017. Russell is Senior Team Leader at the Park Academy Childcare Cherrywood.