About the Nature Kindergarten

A Unique and Exciting classroom…

Nestled in a small forest in north County Wicklow, is a unique classroom where the walls change
colour every day and the ceiling is a kaleidoscope of hues of blues, whites and greys. An
astonishing classroom where children immerse themselves in nature and learn through it. The
outdoors is the ‘classroom’ where they spend so much of their time – but always appropriately
dressed of course!

Outdoor Learning at Nature Kindergarten

What Is This Fantastic Place?

It’s Park Academy’s Nature Kindergarten – a unique educational outdoor campus for
pre-school children, set in the beautiful parklands of Killruddery Estate in Bray, Co. Wicklow.
Modelled on the incredibly successful Scandinavian philosophy of Nature Kindergartens, this
pioneering and ground-breaking approach in the Irish childcare sector is the first of its kind
in Ireland.

Children climbing outdoors at The Nature Kindergarten

Outdoor Education – Learning Through Nature

At Nature Kindergarten, children are given the space and time to learn in a natural
environment which facilitates their natural curiosity and ignites their innate sense of wonder.
This child led approach is at the very core of the Nature Kindergarten philosophy. The children’s
learning occurs through play and exploration and will revolve around what interests them, what
is naturally happening around them (i.e. the seasons, the flora and fauna etc.) and what they
instinctually need for their development during this period.

Days at Nature Kindergarten are spent building dens, topping up the bird houses with food and
climbing trees, as the children explore their environment as well as their own capabilities. Since
this type of play is directly related to the child’s environment, it promotes tangible, real-world
learning. For example, at Nature Kindergarten, counting knowledge isn’t founded on a rhyme but
instead is deeply understood as a child gathers 10 sticks for the fire or 7 nuts to feed the birds.
Learning also occurs naturally as a by-product of fun and interesting projects such as building a
den, through which the children learn about weight, height, slope and measurement.

Imaginative free play is another central aspect of the Nature Kindergarten ethos and so children
are given the opportunity to create their own games and constructions, free from restriction.
From creating their own golf course (with stick for ‘clubs’ and pine cone for ‘balls’!) to building
their own water slide, the children never cease to amaze us with their endless creativity
and resourcefulness.

Our team of Outdoor Early Year’s Educators are hugely passionate about the outdoors
and have extensive experience in outdoor education and forest school leadership. They
possess a vast amount of fascinating knowledge and are committed to extending the children’s
education, through utilizing every child-led initiative as an opportunity for learning.

Learning through nature outdoors at Nature Kindergarten

Holistic Development & Life Skills

At Nature Kindergarten the focus is not just on academic learning but also on developing the
abilities and skills that a child will need for life. Therefore the environment is also designed
to promote physical, emotional and social development in a variety of different ways. From
balance, strength and coordination to resilience and self-esteem, the Nature Kindergarten’s
holistic educational approach has many benefits for a child. Click on the following link to read
more about the developmental benefits of the Nature Kindergarten environment.

Physical Development Benefits of Nature Kindergarten

Through their many activities, the children also learn valuable life skills such as fire lighting
wood chopping, bark whittling and cooking. Forest activities also present opportunities
for practical lessons, such as learning about safety, navigation or identification of flora
and fauna. Through a range of extracurricular activities, the children can explore their personal
interests and unique talents, which also contributes greatly to their holistic development.

Child enjoying the outdoors at Nature Kindergarten

Age & Enrollment Requirements

The minimum age for enrolment is 3 years. Toilet training and toilet independence is a necessary

There are a number of full and part-time options available at Nature Kindergarten and parents who
are eligible for ECCE funding will have this deducted from their monthly fee.

See our Nature Kindergarten FAQ section for more details.

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