Safety & Compliance

Childcare and Early Education are strictly regulated industries and Park Academy Childcare has always recognised the necessity of these important professional guidelines. Therefore we adhere to strict policies and procedures which ensure that our children are fully protected and receive the highest quality of care at all times.

Our transparency and dedication have set us apart as childcare providers & we are proud of the solid, trustworthy reputation that we have maintained throughout our twenty years in business. This is just one of the many reasons why parents choose us.

Safety & Security

Knowing your child is safe is one of the greatest concerns for any parent. It’s why we go further than most to ensure complete peace of mind.

Not only do we have extensive CCTV networks throughout our centres, with cameras on every external door and in all common areas, but we also have cameras in all changing areas and cot rooms (with cot rooms also having monitors and temperature alarms).High security keypads on every entrance ensure that no one is ever admitted without permission, and only parents can collect their children unless we are notified in advance.

Finally, with two members of our team in every room, including a team leader, your child is never left alone and is always in safe hands. They’re also in familiar hands, because at Park Academy Childcare children never share rooms. We don’t believe it’s fair to the children, which means the room you drop your child off in is the room you’ll pick them up in. It’s just another example of our ‘child-led’ philosophy, ensuring your child always feels as secure as you’d want them to feel.

Regulations & Compliance:

At Park Academy we are proud to have a highly qualified & experienced team who are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of care & compliance. Our team works closely with the following agencies, who are responsible for monitoring our compliance as childcare providers. These organisations assist us in constantly exceeding our high standards.



Tusla are the dedicated Child and Family Agency responsible for the regulation and inspection of all early years settings. The organisation works to ensure that high quality childcare services are delivered to children and families. Tusla regularly carry out inspections in childcare settings around Ireland to assess if providers are meeting all of the necessary requirements and are compliant with the latest industry regulations.

Early Childhood Ireland

Early Childhood Ireland focuses on the comprehensive provision of early childhood care and education in Ireland. The organisation was set up to provide for the best interests of Irish children and their high quality research informs policy and best practice across the childcare sector. In this way, they support their members in constantly improving the quality of the service that they provide.


Aistear is the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) curriculum for all children under the age of six. At Park Academy Childcare, all of a child’s learning experiences are guided by the Aistear principles and goals and their progress in recorded in their personal ‘Aistear books. You can learn more about our educational programme here.

Better Start Quality Programme

A number of our crèches are currently participating in the Better Start Programme which was launched by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, in association with the Department of Education and Skills. The initiative was introduced to promote and improve quality standards in early childhood care and to enhance the standard of care that a young child receives.

Children First


Children First set the national guidelines for the protection and welfare of children in Ireland. In each of our centres there is a specially appointed child protection leader who has trained with Children First and is responsible for implementing child protection regulations.



Síolta is the National Quality Framework for Early Years Children’s Services working with children from birth to 6 years old. It was developed on behalf of the Department of Education by the Centre for Early Childhood Development and Education (ECCE). Siolta sets out important standards for children’s services by defining, assessing and supporting the improvement of childcare services.

Childcare Act 1991 (Early Years Services)

The Childcare Act 1991 (Early Years Services) forms part VII of the Childcare Act 1991 and this section outlines a number of regulations for childcare providers. These regulations relate to areas such as health, welfare and the development of the child, first aid, medical assistance and management and staffing. Stipulations are made for important requirements such as qualifications and Garda vetting. Park Academy Childcare fully adheres to these regulations and are committed to upholding the highest of standards in every area. The full act can be accessed here.