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Monika’s Story…

I started my career with Park Academy Childcare in 2016, after arriving in Ireland from Poland. I had just completed my Sociotherapy Masters Degree, following an undergraduate degree in education. I had searched for the best place for teachers to work in Ireland and came across Park Academy Childcare.

Applying for my role turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

I immediately fell in love with the ethos and curriculum and was received warmly by my team. It wasn’t long before my enthusiasm was recognised and I was rewarded with additional responsibilities. When an opportunity arose for a Team Leader in the ‘Butterflies’ room I was lucky enough to be successful. A year later I became Senior Team Leader, providing support for the Crèche Manager.

Working at Park Academy Childcare has been such a positive experience for me and I have so enjoyed getting to know the families and the local community. I have been lucky to work with a great people who believed in me and saw my potential from the start. The training and promotion opportunities have enabled me to develop my skills and progress my career, which has been very fulfilling. 

I have witnessed first-hand the influence that a good atmosphere can have on staff morale – cooperation, respect and mutual trust are all essential as well as fun and a good sense of humour! Most importantly I love that the children are treated with the same loving care and respect and are accepted completely for who they are – everything starts and ends with them.

Monika Zwolinska-Zan, Current employee at Park Academy Childcare


You have created a home for your staff and an environment that you don’t get at most jobs. I wish more than anything I did not have to leave this job because I will miss it so much. I have learned a great deal from my time at Park Academy Childcare and my passion for working with children has grown enormously. I will sincerely miss seeing their faces everyday and learning from them just as much as they learn from us.

Bailey Sandlin, Former employee at Park Academy Childcare, Beacon Court


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