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Louise Barrett - Director of Childcare at Park Academy Childcare

Louise Barrett

Director of Childcare

Louise has been an integral part of the Park Academy Childcare team for over 18 years. She has held many positions during this time from Early Years Educator and Crèche Manager to General Manager. Louise is now the Director of Childcare at Park Academy Childcare and leads the Care and Education Team in driving quality and compliance in all our centres.

Louise has extensive knowledge of caring for young children in early years settings. She offers great support to our Management team in this area. Louise holds qualifications in Childcare, Montessori teaching, Forest Schooling, Crèche Management and is a qualified Access and Inclusion Coordinator. In addition, she is currently completing her B.A. Hons. Degree in Early Childhood Education. Louise is a busy mum who loves to spend her spare time enjoying her three gorgeous children.

Shiona O Sullivan - Care & Education Manager at Park Academy

Shiona O’Sullivan

Care and Education Manager

Shiona has been part of the Park Academy Childcare team for 15 years and is currently the Care and Education Manager. She oversees the team, ensuring that Park Academy continuously meets the high standards set out by Aistear and Siolta. Shiona believes that every child is an individual and learns as an individual. She feels that it is our job to make sure children can direct their learning in a stimulating environment.

Shiona has held many roles in Park Academy Childcare ranging from Early Years Educator to Crèche Manager. She is a qualified Montessori teacher and also holds Créche Management qualifications. She is currently studying Leadership in Inclusion in an Early Years Setting.

Shiona is mum to two little girls who give her so much fun and enjoyment.

Sharon Cooke

Audit and Compliance Manager

As Audit and Compliance Manager, Sharon works closely with both the Care and Education team and our Early Years Educators. Her role is to ensure that we are compliant under all of the 2006 Preschool Regulations and Child Care Regulations. These include the Child Care Act 1991 Early Years Services Regulations 2016. In addition, Sharon is also responsible for ensuring that the highest standard of care is maintained throughout our centres.

Sharon has worked with Park Academy Childcare for nine years and was actively involved in opening many of our crèches. Therefore she has a wide knowledge base pertaining to set up and best layout of rooms. Sharon has qualifications in Nursery Nursing and has secured a Diploma in Crèche Management. She is currently studying Leadership and Inclusion in an Early Years Setting.

Sarah Quinn

Education Coordinator

Sarah, our Education Coordinator, has played a pivotal part in The Park Academy for the last 12 years. She is responsible for rolling out our new OWL Curriculum and she trains and mentors our pre-school teams. She also works closely with our Creche Managers to ensure that Park Academy Childcare continuously provides a child-led, play-based Curriculum that is in line with Aistear, the National Curriculum Framework for Early Years Education.

Sarah was hugely involved in setting up our outdoor Nature Kindergarten in 2013. She spent time in Scandanavia with our team, observing best practice in Nature Kindergarten Education.  She also worked there for a while when it first opened, mentoring the team on outdoor learning. Sarah is qualified in Childcare Supervision and is a qualified Forest School Leader.

Sarah believes that children should be allowed be who they are – children. “A child’s preschool years present a small window of opportunity for them to discover the world around them. Children learn best – through play, in a safe, fun environment where the child’s interests are at the heart of everything”.

Helen Sutherland - Early Years Compliance Officer at Park Academy Childcare Creches

Helen Sutherland

Early Years Compliance Officer

Helen supports our team of dedicated childcare professionals to ensure that Park Academy Childcare is compliant with Regulation 19. This regulation governs for the health, welfare and development of the child. She leads on ensuring that the learning and development of each child is enhanced within a secure environment.

Helen has been part of the Park Academy Childcare team for over 15 years. She was actively involved in opening our crèches, including the centre set up and layout of the rooms. During this time, Helen has overseen the running of many rooms and all to the highest of standards. A very skilled Early Years Educator, she gained a wealth of experience in best practice in childcare and education.

Helen holds qualifications in Early Years Education and Forest Schooling.

Charlene Quinn Byrne - Afters-chool Club Coordinator at Park Academy Childcare

Charlene Quinn Byrne

Bus & After-school Club Coordinator

Charlene is Park Academy Childcare’s Afterschool Coordinator and has a very busy role. She oversees all of the Afterschool Clubs in our creches, including the school collections and extra-curricular activities. She also does a fantastic job coordinating our Easter and Summer camps, including the children’s trips on the Adventure Bus!

Charlene loves working with children. Her vision is to ensure that each child feels valued, listened to, gains confidence and most importantly, is happy. Charlene ensures that our Afterschool Clubs provide the children with what they need after a busy day at school. This ranges from homework support, providing a relaxing environment and most importantly keeping the “fun” factor a top priority throughout!

Charlene has been part of the Park Academy Childcare team for the last seven years. She holds qualifications in Montessori and Childcare and is currently studying for her Degree in Early Childhood Education. Charlene is also a qualified paramedic and has done tremendous charity work both in Ireland and abroad.

Coach Eamonn of Park Academy's JUMP Sports & Fitness Programme

Eamonn Lynch

JUMP Coordinator

Eamonn’ runs our JUMP Programme, a sports-based curriculum designed to get children involved in physical activity from a young age. All of our Jellytots age group through to our Afterschool Clubs, participate in the JUMP Programme once a week. The children just adore ‘Coach Eamonn’ and look forward to his super fun activities and games each week. His enthusiasm for movement is infectious so the children are always primed for a ‘Ready Steady GO’!

I have been working in Park Academy Childcare for the last five and half years and my personal journey has been fantastic. To work for a company with such innovation and vision has been a truly amazing experience.”

Eamonn holds qualifications in Sports Coaching and has a Diploma in Leisure Management.  He also has a Fetac Level 6 in Early Childhood Education and lectures in Physical Activity for Children.