Créche Fees In Dublin

Prices of crèches in Dublin vary enormously from one place to another, and in today’s economic climate parents can certainly be forgiven for thinking first about price before other considerations. After all, if you cannot afford a particular crèche, what’s the point in exploring its various offerings?

Nevertheless, crèche prices in Dublin don’t always reflect their relative value, so it is worth considering that even if a crèche’s fees are within your price range there may be a cheaper – or even a slightly dearer – crèche in Dublin that offers what you are looking for in a crèche. At the Park Academy we know that we are not offering the lowest crèche fees in Dublin. This is because we believe, first and foremost, in excellence in childcare, and true excellence requires that we invest in facilities and principles that other crèches may not value so highly. Let us take a frank look at a just three aspects of the Park Academy that may carry a higher cost, but that certainly provide substantially more value to our Childcare Centres of Excellence.

  • Our Approach. The Park Academy approach to childcare is a blend of attentive, nurturing care, informed by the most advanced and up-to-date early childhood education methodologies, including High/Scope, Montessori and Regio Emilia, tailoring the most appropriate of these approaches to match the needs of each child.
  • Staff training. Each of our centres is managed by a highly qualified childcare professional and staffed by teachers with at least a FETAC level 5 qualification in childcare. Indeed, we take training so seriously at the Park Academy that we have developed a FETAC Accredited Training School which plays a vital role in the training and upskilling of our team. Successful graduates of our in-house training centre receive a Childcare Level 5 or Level 6 Qualification from FETAC.
  • Nutrition. A commonly overlooked, yet fundamentally important, aspect of children’s daily well-being, alertness, willingness to engage is directly linked to diet. Part of your Park Academy crèche fees go toward paying a full-time chef, skilled in providing nutritious, appealing, fresh meals that strengthen body and mind and build lifetime habits of healthy eating.

When considering crèches in Dublin, certainly consider cost, but also consider what you – and your child – are getting for your hard-earned crèche fees.