An Exciting New Activity! – Music Classes in Child Care

Music Classes & Child CareMusic Classes & Child Care

Park Academy Childcare are delighted to welcome Julie Dillon, as the newest member of our creche support team. Julie will be teaching the children music every week and her classes will be a fantastic addition to our activity schedule.

Julie has had a passion for music since she was just two years old, when she produced her very first cassette recording (with the help of her brothers!). Her earliest memories are of making up her own songs and performing these for her family and friends.

During her teenage years she was a member of various orchestras, playing professionally in both The Olympia and Point Theatres, as part of a twenty one piece band. As well as being a talented singer, Julie also learned to play many instruments over the years, including the oboe, guitar, piano and drums.

After graduating from secondary school, she went on to study at Newpark Music College Dublin & graduated with a H-Dip in Music & Media Technologies from Trinity College.

Julie spent seven years as a jazz performer, singing the lead vocals for a band called ‘The Company’. The jazz, funk and soul band enjoyed success in Ireland, playing The Cork Guinness Jazz Festival, Body and Soul Festival and the main stage at Electric Picnic, among others. The band also performed at several venues in London and Helsinki.

Her love of music followed her on her travels and she spent three years in Berlin, teaching music to Kindergarten children, while also performing with the Electric Swing Orchestra. During this time Julie facilitated music workshops for children, introducing them to different aspects of music and song.

Music Classes & Child CareMusic Classes & Child Care


As a mum herself, Julie loves spending time with children and enabling them to develop their musical ability. She believes that music provides a fantastic outlet for self-expression and can have a hugely positive impact on a child’s well-being. Music has also been proven to have many benefits for a child’s development, from boosting memory to promoting socials skill such as patience and teamwork. It also has a significant impact on a child’s language development and creativity.

The children have really been enjoying their new music classes and just love getting a glimpse into Julie’s magical music box each week! So far it has revealed many interesting instruments which they have been exploring.

Julie’s presence has brought a lovely atmosphere to our rooms on the recent cold, dreary days and her classes have certainly started the year on a great ‘note’! Our teams are looking forward to working with her in the coming year and seeing what other exciting lessons she has planned for the children.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Julie on behalf of all our team and to wish her the very best of luck in her new position at Park Academy.

For more news and updates on our new music classes, just keep an eye out in your creche and on our Facebook page!