Happy, healthy, whole….

Extracurricular Activities at Nature Kindergarten

At Park Academy Childcare we are committed to the development of the whole child. This is
reflected in the activities and facilities that we provide, which support a child’s many
different needs. Therefore, in addition to the child-led activities that Nature Kindergarten
facilitates each day, we also provide direct opportunities for children to develop their
abilities in areas such as sport and music. We also take the children on regular trips around
Killruddery, to enhance their understanding of the local environment and broaden their horizons.
Through these activities, we will nurture a child’s physical, cognitive, creative, and social &
emotional skills, as well as enabling them to discover their own unique strengths and talents.

The JUMP Programme

Park Academy’s Coach Eamonn frequently attends Nature Kindergarten to facilitate the
JUMP programme with the children. JUMP is a unique sports and fitness programme which
aims to get children moving and show them that physical activity can be FUN!

Coach Eamonn bases his classes around the Nature Kindergarten environment and makes
good use of all the great natural materials that are available. So whether it’s using a log as a
gymnastics beam, or creating a woodland adventure obstacle course, JUMP class at Nature
Kindergarten is always a fun and challenging experience!

In addition to this, the children can also enjoy their JUMP classes in the large green open areas
in the surrounding Killruddery Estate, where they play dodge ball or take part in relay races.

Practicing ball handling skills at JUMP Sports Class in Nature Kindergarten

At JUMP class, each activity is designed to develop children’s physical abilities (such as their
locomotor skills, coordination and balance) as well as building their confidence and self-esteem.
Sport also encourages children to develop important social skills such as teamwork and patience
and teaches a child how to cope when things don’t go their way. See here for more information on
our JUMP programme.

Creative arts

The opportunities to develop creativity at Nature Kindergarten are abundant. However the team
also arrange special activities for the children which incorporate different creative pursuits.
From leaf printing to cooking with natural ingredients, the forest provides many unique
opportunities for this type of creative exploration. Art & craft projects are based around
forest life and often incorporate the many natural materials available. So whether its creating
clay models of their favourite woodland animals or painting with blackberry dye, the children‘s
creativity is constantly inspired and sustained by the natural environment around them.

Leaf painting outdoors at Park Academy's Nature Kindergarten

Wider horizons

Nature Kindergarten is set in the grounds of Killruddery Estate and this environment provides
many opportunities to expand a child’s horizons. Every week the team take the children on a trip
around Killruddery and this is always a very enjoyable and educational experience.

From visiting the new baby animals on Killruddery’s farm in spring, to navigating through the large
maze, there are always lots of exciting things to do at Killruddery! The children also love to go
rock climbing on the nearby hill and gain a great sense of achievement from their progress in this
area. After a spell of rain, one of their favourite things to do is to go ‘puddle jumping’ and the
extensive grounds provide many opportunities for this fun activity.

Holistic education is focused on all aspects of a child’s development and this includes a child’s
social experiences and wellbeing. Taking care of your holistic wellbeing is integral to a happy
successful life and the children at Nature Kindergarten are lucky to learn this at a very young age.
Interacting with their environment helps children to grow into rounded individuals and encourages
them to become responsible and committed citizens. At Nature Kindergarten we believe in
providing children with this opportunity, so that they may go on to make a very positive contribution
to the wider world.

Feeding the cows at Killruddery Farm