What’s on Chef’s menu today?

Dean, our head chef, has one golden rule; and it’s not “eat all your greens”, or “don’t play with your food”; it’s that no Park Academy Childcare child will ever be served processed food. Admittedly, we do have one porkie pie though…our sausages. Although naturally, Frank Doyles 90% Irish pork sausages are the very best you can get.

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Whether it’s making homemade baked beans and hummus, or baking all his own breads, Dean and his team are committed to ensuring that every child enjoys fresh, in-season and nutritionally balanced food that’s sourced in Ireland. The team are passionate about introducing a wide range of flavours from a young age, from their variety of delicious soft baby foods, to tasty curries and exotic dishes for our older children. Pop into our crèches around dinnertime and you will be greeted by a wave of enticing smells from the kitchen!

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Meals are prepared daily in our own kitchens and weekly menus are displayed on the notice board for parents. Our menu changes every month and if your child is vegetarian, gluten or wheat free, or has religious preferences, Dean’s team will specifically prepare a meal just for them. Got a fussy eater? Don’t worry, Dean’s got a great recipe for that too!

In fact, whether it’s fussy eaters, teething or sleeping problems, our team are always there for you with a wealth of advice and experience. Whatever it might be, never be afraid to ask, because we’ve probably been there before and would love to help. Dean even prepares breakfast for our Mums and Dads, often rustling up a breakfast roll for hungry parents who attend our ‘Parents’ Breakfast Mornings’.

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At Park Academy Childcare, we believe in educating children about food, so that they can be informed to make healthy choices.  They also get the chance to learn about where their food comes from, thanks to our special herb and fruit gardens. Occasionally the children will donate home grown produce from their own gardens, which Chef Dean will gladly incorporate into the creche meals.


From our Sugar Awareness Week to culinary themed summer camps, we take every opportunity to raise awareness of good nutrition. From discussing the basics of healthy eating as part of our OWL preschool curriculum, to engaging our ‘After-schoolers’ in fun nutrition projects, we ensure that children of all ages gain an understanding of this important topic. Our aim is to create awareness and promote a healthy attitude towards food that will serve the children throughout their whole life.

At Park Academy Childcare it’s not simply about feeding the children – it’s about ensuring that every child is nourished, satisfied, educated and healthy.

Our chefs are experts at creating tasty and nutritious meals. Get their great recipes here