Our Nutritious New Menu

At Park Academy Childcare, we prepare a large selection of dishes with a huge variety of fresh ingredients. Not only does this provide a balanced and nutritious diet for our children, but it also promotes a more adventurous attitude towards food. The more foods and flavours a child has been exposed to from a young age, the more varied their palette will be in later life. Variation is key to a healthy diet, as it ensures that the body receives all the nutrients that it requires.

Our chefs are selective about the ingredients they use and choose fresh, local produce for their dishes. Processed foods are never included and the crèche menu contains no added salt or sugars. Instead, we use an abundance of naturally tasty and wholesome foods, which provide everything that growing bodies need.

When choosing a childcare provider, it is important to enquire about their nutritional policy, as your child will eat most of their daily meals at crèche. A good childcare provider should also accommodate any allergies or intolerances that a child may have.

Read on to see the nutritional value of some dishes from our current creche menu…

Harissa Roasted Tunusian Vegetables and Couscous

Featured ingredient(s): Vegetables

We pack a lot of vegetables into our menus. Most of our dishes will be based on carrot, celery and leek, with other vegetables being incorporated, depending on the dish. Carbohydrates often make up the largest part of our meals, as these are necessary to sustain a child’s energy and concentration. Where possible, carbohydrates should take the form of fruit and vegetables, in accordance with the most recent food pyramid guidelines. Fruit and vegetables are low in fat, high in fibre and rich in vitamins and minerals. They also help to boost a child’s immunity and overall wellbeing.

Portuguese Seafood Cataplana Pasta

Featured ingredient(s): Salmon and cod

Salmon is a great source of omega 3 ‘good fats’ which are proven to improve your child’s ability to concentrate and learn. Cod is also an excellent source of Vitamin B12, selenium, and phosphorus. Both fish are rich in protein which is essential for growth and repair – particularly in childhood.

Roast Loin of Pork with Carrot, Broccoli and Potato Mash

Featured ingredient(s): Broccoli

This dish contains pantothenic acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, manganese, phosphorus, choline, Vitamin B1, Vitamin A and potassium and dietary fibre. These nutrients help to boost your child’s white blood cell count which improves immunity. It is important to keep a child’s immune system as strong as possible at this time of year, when colds and bugs are rife.

creche food menu

Lamb Koftas with Couscous and Natural Yogurt

Featured ingredient(s): Couscous

Couscous is a healthy slow release carbohydrate, which will provide your child with plenty of energy for busy days at crèche. This grain is also a good source of protein and dietary fibre, making it an excellent accompaniment to many dishes. The children in our crèches just love their couscous – so please don’t tell them how healthy it actually is!

Beef and Vegetable Shortcrust Pastry Pie

Featured ingredient(8): Beef

A great source of protein, beef is also full of iron, which is necessary for healthy blood cells and the transport of oxygen to the body’s cells. The healthy proteins function as building blocks for bones and muscles which are constantly developing throughout childhood. This popular red meat also provides vitamin B12, zinc, selenium, iron, niacin, and Vitamin B6.


We hope that you have enjoyed this insight into the nutritional content of our menus. If your family has a favourite dish from crèche, then please let us know via our Facebook page and we will do our best to get this up on the blog. Be sure to check out our recipes section first though as your favourite may already be there waiting for you! Take a look here now to get some inspiration for your weekly menu.

All the best!

Chef Rohan
Park Academy Childcare Bray