Happy, healthy, whole…

At Park Academy Childcare we are committed to the holistic development of each and every child. We provide for the needs of the whole child and this is reflected in the many extracurricular activities that we offer. From music and drama, to sports and cookery, our children get to explore many different interests and enjoy the numerous benefits that these activities have to offer. Our aim is not just to enhance a child’s academic understanding, but also to enhance their knowledge and understanding of themselves as an individual. Therefore, we are focused on nurturing many other important areas such as a child’s social, physical, creative, and spiritual development.

Whether it’s improving physical coordination, learning how to relax through yoga or discovering a passion for cookery, a child will gain something positive from each and every activity that they engage in. Together these benefits will make a very positive contribution to a child’s overall development. That’s not to even mention the great fun and enjoyment that these interesting and exciting activities provide!

Here are just some of the activities that the children at Park Academy Childcare enjoy…

The JUMP Programme

The JUMP Programme is a dedicated sports and fitness programme for children, which aids their physical development and helps to keep them active. These exercise classes are specially devised by Park Academy’s Professional Sports Coach Eamonn who attends our creches weekly to facilitate JUMP. Coach Eamonn has a special programme for each age group which introduces children to a variety of physical activities, from ball and teamwork games, to sports such as gymnastics and rugby. No matter what the activity though, the main goal at JUMP Programme is ALWAYS to have lots of fun!

To find out more about this programme and its benefits for children, just go to our JUMP Programme section here


Cooking & Baking

At Park Academy Childcare, we have a team of dedicated chefs who prepare delicious, healthy meals for the children each day. Our chefs love to share their tips and recipes with our parents and contribute regularly to our blog. They also love to share their expertise with the children by providing children’s cookery classes and demonstrations.

We believe that it is so important to provide children with basic life skills, so that they can become confident and well-rounded individuals. Our baking and cookery classes are a perfect example of this ethos, as they equip children with the skills they need to be independent. Cooking and baking also introduces children to some of the basic principles of science and encourages them to think about the food that they are putting in their bodies. This is the first step in enabling children to make healthy choices.

Our baking and cookery classes are a very popular activity and there is nothing that the children love more than getting their fingers sticky! From our tots to our pre-teens every child is involved in the process, whether that’s stirring the mixture for muffins or kneading the dough for homemade bread or scones. The pride that a child feels from this contribution really helps to enhance their confidence and self-esteem.

To read about our nutrition policy and our menus visit our nutrition page here.


Outdoor Education

Following the huge success of our Nature Kindergarten, the very first of its kind in Ireland, the team at Park Academy Childcare have created an Outdoor Education Programme so that all of our children can benefit from this wonderful learning experience.

Outdoor play has been steadily declining in recent years, due to advances in technology and changes in family lifestyles. Therefore it is now more imperative than ever that children get more opportunities to spend time outdoors and to engage in child-led outdoor play. Our outdoor education programme aims to provide these opportunities, while also educating children about their natural environment in a fun and exciting way. For more information on our Outdoor Education programme click here.


In addition to these activities, our creche managers utilize their team’s individual strengths and abilities and encourage them to share these talents with the children. Through the expertise of our talented team, the children have practiced yoga, learned martial arts and mastered many a dance routine at BOKWA. They have also excelled in Irish dancing, developed very green fingers conducted many a successful science experiment! These activities introduce children to a variety of different experiences and encourage them to uncover their own unique talents and passions. By celebrating our team’s strengths, we also hope to communicate a very powerful message to children, that they too can make a valuable contribution in this way.

Every year our ‘Smarties’ take part in a special graduation cermony at Park Acadermy and this gives the children an opportunity to showcase some of the skills that they have developed throughout the year. Our bi-annual show ‘Park Academy’s got Talent’ is always a spectacular event with our little stars dazzling their delighted audience of Mums and Dad’s! Find out more about this exciting event here.