Let’s get outside!

Outdoor Education Programme

Following the huge success of our Nature Kindergarten, the very first of its kind in Ireland,
the team at Park Academy Childcare have created an Outdoor Education Programme so that
our children in every creche can benefit from this wonderful learning experience.

Educational Outdoor Play at Park Academy Childcare

The programme aims to provide more opportunities for children to spend time outdoors
and to enjoy the benefits that this exploration brings. The remodelling of our creche’s outdoor
areas means that we now provide facilities such as sand pits, gravel pits, mud kitchens,
tyres and vegetable patches – all of which encourage outdoor play and inspire new learning.

Learning Through Nature

Our trained Early Years & Outdoor Educators are committed to extending the children’s
learning through nature – whether that’s assisting them to plant sweet pea or creating
outdoor challenges using the materials that surround them. By incorporating nature
into the everyday curriculum, the children develop a respect and love for their
environment. They also gain a deeper understanding of the world that they live in.
At Park Academy Childcare, we believe that this holistic development is vital for a
child’s well-being and happiness, as well as for their education and learning.

Children Growing Vegetables in their creche garden


Nature & Sensorial Education

Sensory education is an integral part of our educational philosophy at Park Academy
Childcare and our teams ensure that nature plays a key part in this exploration.
From a very young age our children are exposed to a variety of different natural
materials which are relevant to their environment, from pine cones and leaves to mud
and sand. These materials also give children an opportunity to engage in open ended
creative play which is a key learning goal for ‘well-being’ under the Aistear Curriculum.

Afterschool children gardening at Park Academy Childcare

 The Importance of Outdoor Play

In today’s world, technology and busy lifestyles have led to a significant reduction
in outdoor activity. Research shows that this is having a negative effect on children’s
health and development as demonstrated by the rise in childhood obesity. Less time
outdoors is also leading to a decline in social and imaginative play which are hugely
important ares of child development. At Park Academy Childcare we are working to redress
that balance and to give children access to all that the outdoors has to offer. It is our
mission to show children just how much fun (and learning!) there is to be had outside.

 “Teaching children about the natural world should be seen as one of the most
important events in their lives” – Thomas Berry

“Play is the highest form of research” – Albert Einstein

 “Children will learn to explore when they are given the opportunities to do so…
and not given a reason why they cannot” – Unknown

 For more information on our Outdoor Education programme click here.