Our Jump Programme – Let’s Jump!



Innovation isn’t a word that you often associate with childcare in Ireland. Yet it has always been at the heart of the Park Academy philosophy. Our JUMP programme is first of its kind – a dedicated sports and fitness programme for children that caters for tots right up to pre-teens.

The exercise based classes are specially devised by our professional Sports Coach Eamonn, who attends our crèches weekly to facilitate JUMP. The aim of the programme is to get children moving and to show them that physical activity can be FUN!!! Each group participates in age appropriate activities and are encouraged to develop skills in accordance with their developmental stage.


Recent statistics are quite startling. With one in four primary school children either overweight or obese, the need for introducing a programme of physical activities has never been more important. JUMP’s goal is not just to get children active, but crucially to ensure they stay active long into the future.


The JUMP programme also has a positive influence in other areas, whether it’s teaching children to eat the right foods to make them strong or encouraging them to go to bed early to build up their energy. These good habits will benefit them in JUMP class and once they make this connection to their health, they will have established a positive attitude for life.

Our children look forward eagerly to JUMP class each week and just love to discover what Coach Eamon has in store for them. From ball skills and hula hoop exercises, to obstacle courses and traditional schoolyard games, there is always an exciting new activity to try. Challenges are an integral part of sports and fitness so the children learn to develop persistence and to ‘have a go’!


You see JUMP classes are about so much more than stretching little limbs and getting little hearts pumping: crucially it’s about seeing a child’s confidence soar because they’ve had the chance to push themselves to new heights, whether that’s by catching a ball or saving a goal using their feet.

Coach Eamonn is hugely passionate about the JUMP programme and his dedication is clear for all to see. His primary objective is always for the children to have fun and his enthusiasm and energy know no bounds. However, behind all the fun he also has serious objectives for the children’s development, from enhancing their physical strength and balance to building social skills such as patience and teamwork.


Every summer our children get a whole week of JUMP camp and this includes trips to locations such as the beach and local parks. From high jump contests on the sand to relay races in the park, JUMP camp presents a new and exciting range of activities that the children can enjoy together in the summer sunshine.


When you visit any of our creches, keep an eye out for our JUMP boards which inform parents all about the JUMP programme and let them know what we get up to each term at JUMP class!