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Meet Our Creche Manager

Creche Manager Emma at Park Academy Cherrywood

“Welcome to our centre. My name is Emma and I am the Crèche Manager of Park Academy Childcare Bray. I gained my childcare qualifications at the School of Practical Childcare and started working with Park Academy Childcare in 2006, in the Bunnies room at Bray. Since then I have worked in various roles before becoming a Crèche Manager at Bray, and most recently at our Cherrywood centre. I have over ten years’ experience in crèche management and have learned so much in that time. Working with children is such an amazing job. Every day brings new and enjoyable experiences. I love nothing more than to watch each child in our care grow as individuals and develop their own little personalities. I look forward to showing you around our Bray centre!

Emma, Manager

Life at Park Academy Bray – Our Baby Rooms & Beyond

One minute it’s learning about animals or the seasons, the next it’s creating a costume or doing some carpentry. You see Park Academy Childcare Bray is a very special place for young learners and its ethos reflects a new and innovative approach to childcare.

Children start in the beautiful baby room, a space that is both cosy and inviting. With its soft carpets and ample floor space, our babies are free to roam and to practice crawling or walking, depending on their developmental stage. Our baby ‘Bunnies’ and ‘Butterflies’ receive lots of attention and stimulation, through activities such as sensory play, music and arts & crafts.

Once they are ready, it’s time to move on to the ‘Jellytots’ room where children are encouraged to explore their new environment and develop their independence. The ‘Jellytots’ room is a hub of activity and children get lots of opportunities every day to engage in creative and imaginative play . This type of play is vital for toddler’s development and our ‘Jellytots’ just love to paint, dress up and become absorbed in role play at the various imagination stations.

Learning and Growing – Getting Ready for Pre-school

After that it’s on to the ‘Rascals’ room where children continue to learn and grow, developing important social skills through cooperative group play. Our little ‘Rascals’ are an active bunch and they love to spend time outdoors in their own special garden, where they can run, jump and play together. They also love to get messy, whether that’s through experimenting with paint or exploring different textures during messy play time.

From ‘Rascals’ children progress on to our pre-school classes and our ‘Appledrops’ and ‘Smarties’ sure are a curious bunch! Our Early Years Educators love to capitalize on the children’s natural enthusiasm for learning and are constantly facilitating them to become educated about the world around them. From outer space and dinosaurs, to animals and the seasons, our pre-school children explore a range of topics through interactive engagement with their environment.

Outdoor Play at Park Academy Bray

One of the best things about Park Academy Bray is it’s fantastic gardens where children can run, play and connect with nature. Exploration is encouraged through additions such as the gravel and sand pits, mud kitchens and water stations. Imaginative play also extends to the outdoors where the children experiment with natural materials, using them to build their own boat or to make kitchen utensils as they play house.

The children also have their own garden patch where they grow vegetables such as delicious sweet peas. This kind of first-hand interaction with nature provides children with a deeper understanding of how the world works and our role in protecting the natural environment. Contact with nature is also proven to have huge benefits for a child’s health and well-being.

These activities are based on our Nature Kindergarten ethos and promote real world learning that is relevant to a child’s life. Our children in Bray are lucky enough to be close to The Nature Kindergarten, so they regularly enjoy trips to this fantastic facility.

Ready, steady GO – Our JUMP Children’s Fitness Programme

Our outdoor area is also the perfect place for the children to enjoy JUMP Programme and Coach Eamonn makes good use of the space available, whether that’s leading the tots in a march around the garden or setting up an exciting obstacle course for the older children. One thing is for sure though – little hearts will be pumping!

Our Bray centre really has it all so why not arrange a viewing today and come and witness this amazing and innovative new learning environment for yourself. Call our enquiries team now on:

1890 273 243

What parents say about us

‘When we first heard about the new idea for a dedicated OWL area we were a little anxious, but definitely curious, about how our two boys, aged ten and six, would take to it. Well take to it they have. And they have taken to it wonderfully.
Daniel and Samuel move freely from the creative room to the construction room, to the imagination room and back again, supported if necessary by the fantastic OWL team. But not before they get their all-important (and mostly always eaten!) dinners and their homework is done (very important for busy parents).

We enjoy hearing about the interactions our boys have had with the younger children as we feel this encourages empathy and patience. (We also think they like the attention!) It expands their circle of friends in the crèche and they tell us how proud they are of their younger friends and about how someone has just learned how to potty train or to put their coat on by themselves.

The boys love outdoor play and knowing the Park Academy values this ethos gives us great comfort. We know that, whenever possible, they will be outside. And there is not a playstation in sight!
We have been with the Park Academy for nearly 10 years now and we have become accustomed to innovative and child focused changes that they have implemented (including Nature Kindergarten which our youngest attended). The OWL area is just the most recent example of this.’ We look forward to watching our boys continue to flourish in OWL.’

Siobhan and Mark Moraghan 

November 2016

Where to Find Us

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