The children on the bus go…all around!

Park Academy Childcare Adventure Bus

Exploring Wider Horizons

We all know how much children love to discover and explore new environments. At Park Academy Childcare
the children get a chance to do this regularly, thanks to our fleet of ‘Adventure Buses’. Regular trips
are a fantastic way to broaden a child’s horizons and they provide lots of opportunities for new learning.
By giving children experience of the wider world, we are helping them to develop their social skills and
to build self-confidence.

Our buses – which naturally meet all the stringent RSA safety requirements – are on the road every day,
either on route for school collections or taking the children somewhere interesting!

Preschool Trips - Park Academy Childcare

Fun & Educational Day Trips

Our preschool children enjoy fun, educational day trips that are relevant to their OWL curriculum, from a
visit to The National History Museum to a tour of Croke Park. They also enjoy trips to the best playgrounds
and other local amenities. Our after-school children love to let off steam at the park or the beach after a long
day at school and they look forward to treats such a cinema trip or a chance to go bowling with their friends.

During our summer camp season the children’s trips are tied in with their camp theme, so it’s off to the Zoo for
‘Around the World’ camp or out to Fort Lucan as part of ‘Let’s Build it’ camp. At Christmas time, our trip
to feed the reindeers is one of the biggest highlights for the children…and adults alike!

Thanks to our ‘Adventure Buses’, children can also avail of all the fantastic facilities that Park Academy
centres have to offer, from the Rompus Room in our Beacon Court creche, to our Dance Studio at Eden Gate.
This includes visits to our Nature Kindergarten, where the children can spend time outdoors in the fantastic
forest based campus.

Afterschool fun in the playground - Park Academy Childcare

Transport Safety & Security

Children take their first trip on the ‘Adventure Bus’ when they turn three years old and there is always great excitement when they are finally ‘big’ enough to board.

Our Transport Manager Paddy makes sure that our buses are always safe and secure and his friendly smile is
the first thing the children see when they board. Many of our drivers are ex Gardaí so naturally seat belts
are fastened, mirrors are checked…and the only risk of a penalty point is for not singing!

Keep an eye out for our ‘Adventure Buses’ on a road near you – and be sure to give us a wave as you pass by!

Summer Camp trips at Park Academy Childcare