Forget X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent – the latest and GREATEST new show is Park Academy’s Got Talent and it’s taking place in a crèche near YOU! The show, which is a celebration of all the children’s achievements throughout the year, takes place every June and it is not to be missed! With spectacular performances and dazzling displays, our little stars have now been delighting audiences in Wicklow and South Dublin over the past number of years and every year it just seems to get better and better!

But producing the big performances takes time and effort – plus some deliberation. Choosing a talent to display is not an easy task for some. With so many exciting extra-curricular activities at Park Academy, there is a lot to choose from! Will I show off my football skills…or my artistic talent? Will I dance? Will I sing? Should I mesmerise with my martial art moves? Or magnetise with my magic tricks? So many talents, so little time!


Then the real work begins. However with lots of practice and plenty of dedication, it is always guaranteed to be a success. Every day sees more progress, moves are mastered, lyrics are memorised and star quality starts to emerge. However none of this can be achieved without the support and dedication of our expert team, who work just as hard as our rising stars! No detail is too small, no challenge too tall, and it all comes together spectacularly…

When ShowTime finally arrives the excitement backstage is palpable. Mums and Dads sit patiently in their seats as performers don their costumes and even get in some last minute practice. Any pre-performance jitters are soon forgotten once the curtain rises and the acts sure know how to work a crowd!

There are always plenty of smiles, waves and even some air kisses – cue hearts melting.

But this doesn’t distract our performers from showcasing all of their fantastic new skills. They even take time to teach some of the parents, who are not quite as capable at performing some of the tasks! Luckily the Smarties are always on hand to show them how to score a goal or do a pirouette – silly Mummies and Daddies!


As if their impressive acts are not enough, the audience are then treated to a musical finale where the children share songs from throughout the year. Luckily the kind and thoughtful Managers always leave out some tissues – as the mums and dads can tend to get just a little emotional!

But tears soon turn to laughter as the performers switch to their dance routine, and parents can get in the groove as their little ones bust a move…..or two!

To ‘cap’ it all off there is the Graduation Ceremony and every year the children are delighted to receive their very own certificate, while decked out in their mini caps and gowns. During their moment in the limelight a very serious question is posed; ‘what would you like to be

when you grow up?’ The answers were are always as diverse as the children themselves and some can be very entertaining! A teacher has become a popular aspiration in recent years as has a doctor…so it looks like many of our parents could have a comfortable retirement to look forward to! Our children are encouraged to reach for the stars so a superhero is also a popular choice!

But as soon as the children take to the stage the nerves are gone – as they look up to see the encouraging smiles of Mums and Dads, brothers and sister, their grandparents with everyone wishing them well.

And each one of them is absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Working their magic and working the crowd into raptures. They remember every word, every step and every set-piece.

And then it’s over.

The crowd are clapping, rising to their feet and everyone is smiling. Not only do our rising stars have talent, but now they have a new found confidence. And already they can’t wait until the next time the limelight beckons.


After the curtains close there is special time for cuddles and pictures before the children are whisked away for their much awaited after show party. A well-deserved reward for all their hard work and cooperation! However there are always a few sneaky sniffles from our ‘Smarties’ team, on realising that the journey is over for another year. Thankfully though, we always have the memories and the smiling little faces make every single second worth it for the dedicated team. Then it’s just time to look forward to the next big show and to assist a new group of up-and-coming stars in revealing their potential.

As they say in showbiz…that’s all folks!