Children’s Referendum

Caring about children is something that we do instinctively at Park Academy Childcare, but unfortunately there are too many children in our society that simply don’t get the care that should be their natural right. And with the Children’s Referendum taking place on Saturday, November 10th, it’s an issue that we all need to consider.

The Economic Value Of Ireland’s Ecce Scheme

According to an article in The Sunday Independent last January, the department of Public Expenditure and Reform has commissioned a report by the department’s Central Expenditure and Evaluation Unit (CEEU) that recommends abolishing the Early Childhood Care/Education scheme, ostensibly to save €76 million. However, six years earlier, it was vividly demonstrated that any cut to

Colours For A Crèche

With all the aspects to consider when designing a crèche, it may seem odd to put energy into choosing colours in the rooms and furnishings. However, as the Department of Health and Children points out in its excellent guide We Like This Place, Guidelines for Best Practice in the Design of Childcare Facilities, published in

ECCE Scheme 2012 In Ireland

At the Park Academy we’re proud to continue to participate in the Early Childhood Care/Education scheme (ECCE scheme), providing a free preschool year for children in Ireland. Actually, we don’t like to use that term: ‘free preschool year.’ Why? Because ‘preschool’ implies something that occurs before actual education kicks in, but the first ‘E’ in