RTE’s Lyric Fm Visit The Nature Kindergarten – Podcast Feature

‘We are losing our language for the natural world. We no longer name or know the most common creatures like nightjar or eel. We’re disconnected from the fields, the meanings of our place names and the wild world that they once referenced. And with the words, a dramatic vanishing of Ireland’s nature itseslf’

The Team and the children at The Nature Kindergarten recently welcomed the crew from RTE’s Lyric FM, who visited to observe daily life in our forest at Killruddery. This visit was featured as part of Lyric FM’s podcast ‘Into the Wind’ which explores the declining connection between humans and their natural environment . In particular, the episode focuses on how the absence of certain words from our language is one of the strongest indicators of this growing disconnection. The crew talk to our Nature Kindergarten Manager Dr. Sophie Nicol who explains how Park Academy’s Nature Kindergarten helps children to retain this essential connection with nature by stimulating their innate sense of awe and wonder.

‘There is something deep inside us that responds to this because we came from this’

Listen to the full podcast here!