Tasty Chicken & Vegetable Tagine With Minted Couscous

Tagine dishes have been a staple on Park Academy’s menus for many years now.

The mild spices, delicious flavours and endless variations make it an ideal dish for children. The tagine is actually a cooking pot used in Northern Africa, so the word refers to a style of cooking rather than a specific recipe. This is why you will see so many variations of a ‘tagine’.

This dish is fuss free and the array of vegetables will contribute significantly to your child’s five a day. It is also a great way to introduce children to couscous!

Couscous is a nutritious carbohydrate that also provides protein for a child’s growth. It contains important vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and selenium.  These are essential for many functions in the body. Couscous only takes minutes to prepare so it’s the perfect ‘healthy fast food’ for evenings when there just isn’t enough time!

Why not give this tasty and nutritious dish a try?! We promise it’s a crowd pleaser!

All the best,

Chef Rohan


  • Chicken- 4 breasts
  • Onion – 1 finely diced
  • Garlic – 2 cloves crushed
  • Carrots – 3 diced
  • Celery – ½ head diced
  • Leeks – 1 sliced
  • Red pepper – 1 diced
  • Cumin – ½ tsp
  • Coriander – ½ tsp
  • Vegetable or chicken stock 200ml
  • Cornflour – 1 heaped tbsp
  • Fresh mint shredded
  • Fresh Coriander shredded
  • Couscous – 400g


  • A sharp knife
  • Large pot
  • A tagine/casserole dish


In the large pot sauté off the diced chicken, vegetables, cumin and coriander in a little olive oil until golden brown. Add the stock and transfer to a tagine or casserole dish. Add the diced pepper, cover and place in the oven for 20 minutes at 170°C.

With 5 minutes left on the oven time you can start on the couscous.  Firstly boil the kettle. Then place the dry couscous in a large bowl and mix the shredded mint through this. Next, pour in the boiling water until it just covers the couscous, cover the bowl with cling film and leave for 5 minutes.  Break the couscous up with a large spoon and it’s ready to serve.

Take the tagine from the oven, add the shredded fresh coriander and mix.  The tagine can be served as it is or you can thicken up the sauce. To thicken the sauce, strain the liquid back into the pot and bring to the boil. Mix the cornflour with a small amount of water and add to the boiling water. Stir continuously until thick. Remove the sauce from the heat and pour back over the mixture in the tagine. Now you can serve with the minted couscous.

Some alternatives Lamb or beef tagine

Use the same process but substitute with diced beef or lamb and leave the tagine in the oven for 1 ½ hours.  Vegetable tagine – Use the same process and just add in some extra peppers along with some courgettes and aubergines. Tomato tagine – a lot of tagines are tomato based, so use the same recipe but add in a tin of chopped tomatoes when you place the mix in the tagine. I particularly like the flavour ofthe lamb with tomatoes.