Tasty Nettle Ice Pops

Our Nature Kindergarten children love foraging for wild and wonderful foods around our forest, so today we decided to make Nettle Ice-Pops to cool us down in the summer heat. As none of us had even heard of Nettle Ice-Pops before, this was a bit of an adventure!

With a big basket, some gloves and not much planning; Mark (Teacher), Lucy (aged 5) and Taran (aged 4) ventured off towards the infamous ‘big tree’ in search of the best stinging nettles (Urtica dioica) we could find. We gathered around 40 juicy nettle leafs, and then headed back to the fire circle to start making our natural treat.


First we squished (the technical term :-)) all the leaves into our teapot, then Lucy added the water and we put it on the open fire until simmering. While we waited for the water to warm, we searched our log cabin for any other ingredients we could use. We gathered a lemon and a sprinkle of sugar which were a welcome addition to our experimental summer snack.

Next, we cooled the mixture, added it to our ice-pop trays (with one nettle leaf in each section) and then waited for the freezer to work its magic. We were very excited to see if this nutritious juice would transform into the ice cold lollies we had imagined.


At last our ‘lemon Infused’ nettle ice-pops were ready for testing, and the result was remarkably tasty! The nettles provided a natural and earthy essence to the lolly, while the lemon was so refreshing. The frozen nettle leaf inside made the ice-pop look extra ‘cool’ too! Both the children and staff loved our new creation and we will definitely be making them again very soon.

Why not try them yourself at home?!

Here is our recipe:

2 handfuls of freshly picked nettles
1 litre of water
Juice of 1 lemon
A teaspoon of sugar





Apart from the lovely taste, these ice pops have lots of great benefits for our bodies, thanks to the nutritious nettles. Here are just some interesting facts about nettles.

Stinging Nettles – Did you know?!

One of the most nutritious plants that exist!
• Boiling them removes their sting
• Full of vitamins, minerals & protein; including: Calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, B Vitamins, Chromium, Selenium & Zinc.
• Help prevent & treat allergies and allergic reactions in the body
• Detoxifies the kidneys & is a wonderful diuretic
• Boosts immunity
• Lowers & stabilizes blood sugar levels
• Reduces pain & inflammation in the body